Sunday, February 20, 2011

Styling a Good Gotham Girl

Styling a Good Gotham Girl
Styling a Good Gotham Girl by LeighAnneD featuring buckle belts

Based on this Batman's tone-on-tone look, I created a vintage-inspired outfit in shades of gray and black. The pencil skirt is a classic pinstripe, ideal for a day at Wayne Enterprises.

Accessories in gold and yellow not only reflect the Batman logo and utility belt, but add pop to the outfit. Two options are presented for the shoes and jewelry playing up either the sparkle of the yellow and gold pieces or steely gray for a more monochromatic look.

A paler pink lip plays sidekick to sensual smoky eyes with thick, dark lashes and dramatic liner. Nails are polished in silver lacquer.

A lemon-drop martini is served up in honor of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne--you know, just to keep appearances.

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