Sunday, February 6, 2011

Creating a Cinder-free Ensemble for a Cinder Girl

Creating a Cinder-free Ensemble for a Cinder Girl
Creating a Cinder-free Ensemble for a Cinder Girl by LeighAnneD featuring cotton blouses

Of course very little girl dreams of being Cinderella with a Fairy Godmother to turn her tattered dress into a beautiful gown so she can win the heart of the prince (not that there isn't more to Cinderella than her looks). But, before her pumpkin can be turned into a coach, she must first be simple Ella and her dreams.

For this set, I've chosen to focus on Ella's style and left the "cinder" portion behind for now--so aprons and feather dusters will not be making an appearance. Instead, I focused on her simple but feminine outfit, which features an a-line skirt and tailored blouse and vest. Basic ballet flats will get her around the house, but I have stashed a pair of dainty pumps if she cares to step out into the world.

When Ella wakes from her dreamy slumber, her blond locks are braided--quite a flattering look. Later, she pulls her tresses back into a ponytail using a blue ribbon. For this look, I've created a cross between the two hairstyles. Her ribbon has been complemented in this ensemble by a long but still shapely coat.

A simple girl, her jewelry is understated by highly symbolic. Here's hoping it helps her when her prince (or at least his footmen) come calling.

It is obvious at just a glance that Ella has beautiful skin, so I've included some skin care products (featuring pre-coach pumpkin ingredients) to keep skin healthy and radiant. There's no need to overdo makeup for this look. Soft pale hues for cheeks, eyes and lips will enhance the natural beauty that's already there, and a pumpkin-cinnamon mist or pumpkin pie scented perfume add just that little something extra.

Although I've left the manual labor portion of her life out of this set, I have included a lovely tea silver service as an accessory (of sorts) for this outfit. Perfect for enjoying afternoon tea or when having to play maid to a wicked stepmother and rude, jealous stepsisters.

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