Friday, August 12, 2011

The facts are these...

The Facts are These...

The Facts are These... by leighanned featuring clutch bags

Ned is a pie-maker with a special gift. Lonely tourist Charlotte Charles ("Chuck") was his childhood sweetheart--once dead, now…not so much. Yellow is a warm color, and it is quite becoming on the now undead girl.

Yellow has the ability to brighten a outfits, and even moods. It can add a bit of whimsy and delight to a day--especially when mixed with other warm colors such as orange or red. Paired with a white, it can feel crisp and clean. Add a splash of green for a fresh, natural appeal. Or, tone it down with a complementary, creamy off-white. A paler shade can bring warmth to a look without being over the top. And, on the flip side, contrasting the vivid hue with accents of black create a dramatic look.

This sunny, Pushing Daisies-inspired outfit pulls a little from each of these color pairings offering a variety of looks depending upon accessory choice (although to be quite honest, the yellow and black in this set isn't an accessory so much as an activity to engage in). Of course, whatever the combination, this ensemble makes it clear that love is in bloom--and love for man or beast is stronger than even death.

The particulars of the outfit. This dress not only has a cheerful disposition like lonely tourist Charlotte Charles, it has the vintage feel that suits her as well. Likewise the handbags selected, while appropriate in color and attitude, also offer a hint of whimsy and kitsch that seemed Chuck's inclination.

Naturally, daisies were a theme in this extraordinary show…and several episodes featured rolling hills of lush green grass, giving an additional motivation to choose this green fringe bag as a functional accessory. Bees and honey--honey and bees--played a prominent guest role in the show from time to time, so it was only fitting to include an homage to them for a tea treat, which will include yellow banana cream and lemon meringue pie.

Until later in the series, when Chuck must deal with the truth of her father, her attitude was typically sunny so it seemed fitting that any umbrella she'd carry would make light of rain--enabling her to find the bright side of sudden showers. After all, even she would say that 'into every life, a little rain must fall.'

And, as any fan of the show can tell you, a walking Dead Girl wouldn't be caught undead without cute, cool or funky sunglasses. This pair, in shades of yellow and orange, might help hide her identity but her warm heart and keen fashion sense remain easy to see.

This set is dedicated to Marble and Chestnut.