Sunday, February 20, 2011

Styling a Good Gotham Girl

Styling a Good Gotham Girl
Styling a Good Gotham Girl by LeighAnneD featuring buckle belts

Based on this Batman's tone-on-tone look, I created a vintage-inspired outfit in shades of gray and black. The pencil skirt is a classic pinstripe, ideal for a day at Wayne Enterprises.

Accessories in gold and yellow not only reflect the Batman logo and utility belt, but add pop to the outfit. Two options are presented for the shoes and jewelry playing up either the sparkle of the yellow and gold pieces or steely gray for a more monochromatic look.

A paler pink lip plays sidekick to sensual smoky eyes with thick, dark lashes and dramatic liner. Nails are polished in silver lacquer.

A lemon-drop martini is served up in honor of billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne--you know, just to keep appearances.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Retreat to the Lake Country in Style

Retreat to the Lake Country in Style
Retreat to the Lake Country in Style by LeighAnneD featuring gold earrings

Hiding away at a villa on a lake with the man you (secretly) love…could anything be more romantic? Perhaps if yours wasn't a forbidden love.

Still, strolling along the lake on a sunny afternoon in an amazing outfit with a handsome, adoring man at your side is intoxicating.

These lovely dresses by Thomas Kirchgrabner offer the same lovely feel of Padme Amidala's flowing garden gown with its seamless blending of pretty pastels. Of course, one would need a dynamite pair of shoes to accompany such a dress. But, it's difficult to settle on just one pair when you don't know what tomorrow will bring--so this set offers six sexy options for a variety of occasions and moods.

Sparkling gold or champagne, coordinating lime or bold turquoise shoes are ideal for a night on the town, drinks and dinner or a night spent dancing away the hours. Dainty diamond sandals are an afternoon delight while a slightly lower-heel sling in soft cream is just the thing for a quiet evening fling--strolling with the man you love.

Likewise, the options available for coordinating jewelry are various in this collection but all are in keeping with the dramatic (substantial) feel of Padme's abalone shell bib necklace and curvy armbands. Choose them as paired or mix and match them. (For compassion's sake, choose shell accessories crafted from found shells only--not harvesting mollusks please.)

Makeup is soft and pretty in peaches and cream tones with a pretty and soft rosy pigments and gloss for kissable lips. Color is the main feature of the Hollywood-inspired eyes rather than heavy mascara or eyeliner. A host of pastels and pale blue eyeliner frame eyes filled with love and romance--a dark eye would be too harsh and spoil the mood.

Finally, a look this pretty deserves a lovely scent, such as the aptly named "Good Day Sunshine." Given that this set is full of choices, naturally, two aromatic options are offered. To which fragrance would you say, "I do"?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Super Power of Primary Colors

The Super Power of Primary Colors
The Super Power of Primary Colors by LeighAnneD featuring a wooden umbrella

From the Kent Farm in Smallville to the Daily Planet in Metropolis, the Kryptonian is one super man and an American icon. So, in honor of the man of steel with those dark wavy locks and piercing blue eyes, this outfit features the primary colors of Superman's "uniform."

A quick history lesson and a personal connection to the man able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Superman is a fictional character who debuted in DC Comics and has gone on to "appear" in books, newspaper comics, films, on television, etc. Back in 1932, he was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in Cleveland, Ohio, where I live…and, in fact, the very house where I live was owned by one of the co-creators descendants.

My own first exposure to the Superman legend was Christopher Reeve's portrayal in the 1970s, so it holds a special place in my heart, but I've grown to love the alternate continuity and characterization of Tom Welling's version of Clark Kent/The Blur. As such, I drew inspiration from both these super guys.

So, on to the outfit! Of course, "Smallville" (the show not the imaginary town) has spent many seasons on and been a true innovator with creating Superman-themed day-in/day-out attire (i.e., the suit without an actual suit). The wardrobe team for the show has had no end of fun in costuming the primary characters in shades of red and blue--not to mention some of the other wild outfits they've come up with over the years for other Smallville superheroes, villians and civilians.

This particular ensemble is built on the foundation of a vintage-inspired blue dress. I consider it an homage to the era in which Superman was creation so many decades ago (although this dress may be more 1940s than 1930s inspired). While you could pair it with tights ala the man faster than a speeding bullet, delicately seamed hosiery in a barely there neutral (not pictured) is probably more appropriate and better suited to this outfit.

Two distinctively dressy pairs of pumps are available--as are handbags in a matching fabric. Choosing the blue combination creates balance with the dress while the red accessories are a dramatic contrast and more closely represent the superhero's outfit.

A long flowing red coat tops off the look while accessories (and makeup) in bright shades of our single sun yellow accent the outfit. Diamond-shaped yellow earrings are intended to pay tribute to the symbol on his chest without taking the look so far as to include the enormous "S" anywhere. Since Superman is all about fighting for "truth, justice and the American Way" (of life), a pair of patriotic earrings are included as an optional accessory.

A rich, luscious brown-black hair dye could yield super tresses, if the wearer is so inclined. Soft pale pink cheeks lay a subtle background because the eyes have it--the focus of the face and makeup, that is, with a strong true red lip.

With Clark's love and fellow reporter, Lois Lane, in mind--we slip a reporter's notepad into the set (as it can easily be stowed in either of these pretty purses) to jot down notes for that next big headline. A newspaper umbrella stands in for The Daily Planet.

Finally, while we would never suggest it for Lois or Clark, what Superman wardrobe would be complete without a nod to Krypton? For this, I've added a green (kryptonite-like) stone bracelet formed of dainty gold coils…never to be donned by or worn around the man of steel, of course, lest he no longer be as powerful as a locomotive!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh What a Fashionable Web We Weave

Oh What a Fashionable Web We Weave
Oh What a Fashionable Web We Weave by LeighAnneD featuring tie jewelry

Inspired by one of my favorite superheros--the web-slinging, wall crawling crime fighter himself, Spiderman.

When I saw this dress, I just knew it make the perfect a Spiderman-themed ensemble. Without being over-the-top, I still opted to accessorize the outfit with more obvious web and spider pieces--offering the option of silver or gold as well as suggesting accessories in Spiderman red, blue or basic spiderweb black.

As a small nod to Peter Parker, I added in a small camera charm that could be worn on a necklace or bracelet...and tucked in her bag, a reporter's notepad because you never know when a story will break.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Creating a Cinder-free Ensemble for a Cinder Girl

Creating a Cinder-free Ensemble for a Cinder Girl
Creating a Cinder-free Ensemble for a Cinder Girl by LeighAnneD featuring cotton blouses

Of course very little girl dreams of being Cinderella with a Fairy Godmother to turn her tattered dress into a beautiful gown so she can win the heart of the prince (not that there isn't more to Cinderella than her looks). But, before her pumpkin can be turned into a coach, she must first be simple Ella and her dreams.

For this set, I've chosen to focus on Ella's style and left the "cinder" portion behind for now--so aprons and feather dusters will not be making an appearance. Instead, I focused on her simple but feminine outfit, which features an a-line skirt and tailored blouse and vest. Basic ballet flats will get her around the house, but I have stashed a pair of dainty pumps if she cares to step out into the world.

When Ella wakes from her dreamy slumber, her blond locks are braided--quite a flattering look. Later, she pulls her tresses back into a ponytail using a blue ribbon. For this look, I've created a cross between the two hairstyles. Her ribbon has been complemented in this ensemble by a long but still shapely coat.

A simple girl, her jewelry is understated by highly symbolic. Here's hoping it helps her when her prince (or at least his footmen) come calling.

It is obvious at just a glance that Ella has beautiful skin, so I've included some skin care products (featuring pre-coach pumpkin ingredients) to keep skin healthy and radiant. There's no need to overdo makeup for this look. Soft pale hues for cheeks, eyes and lips will enhance the natural beauty that's already there, and a pumpkin-cinnamon mist or pumpkin pie scented perfume add just that little something extra.

Although I've left the manual labor portion of her life out of this set, I have included a lovely tea silver service as an accessory (of sorts) for this outfit. Perfect for enjoying afternoon tea or when having to play maid to a wicked stepmother and rude, jealous stepsisters.