Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who Loves Books? I Do! I DO!

I am a bibliophile. Biblio signifying books and phile meaning lover. A bibliophile or book lover doesn't just enjoy a good book and read frequently. He or she adores everything about books and collects them. If money or space were no object, I would amass a frightening collection. And, in fact, my collection of magazines is a bit frightening at the moment (time to weed).

That said, I'm not what I'd personally consider a great reader of books--my husband is. He can devour books in days. I linger. Flip and ponder. Muse. I don't always read all the words in the books I procure. I love the photography and illustrations in them. I adore the pieces of them that inspire me--even if I never take a single step towards creating a project based on them.

Of course, most of the inspirational books I'll talk about here are about arts, photography, crafting, writing, food, entertaining, home decor, sewing and, well, you get the idea. BUT, there are many more books that inspire me and I hope you, and...I digress.

So, what do I currently have around me? A ton of books, actually, but let's start with a recent acquisition, by which I mean purchase. The book is Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Reviews, Memoir, and More, which I confess I picked up in anticipation of starting this blog.

I love books on writing, although to reiterate my embarrassing confession above, I'm not often disciplined enough to read them cover to cover. Of course, my hopes are always high, and I fully intend to read this one all the way through and learn from the author's teachings. Thankfully, even she states in the beginning that hers a book you can read "out of order" if you choose and/or just take what you need of it.

Please note that this book was 40% at a recent Borders store closing sale, so it was both affordable on our money diet and quite timely. Even if purchased at (via my Amazon Associate link, if you choose), it is a good price.

The balance of the not-quite-a-ton-but-too-heavy-to-carry stack of books (30 total) that I'm currently engaged in come from the Cleveland Public Library and Cuyahoga Public Library System. CPL is an institution that I love with a great passion and respect for providing so much to and for our humble household and asking so little. You'll certainly hear about them again in the future (probably ad naseum), and I encourage you to both patronize and support your local libraries.

Rather than listing them out, I'll merely acknowledge that I hope to do brief reviews for each (or at least some) of them in the coming days, weeks or months.

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