Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIY Halloween Costume: Charlotte's Web

After mulling ideas, and needing to settle on something for work, I decided to create my own "Charlotte's Web" costume--it was subtle (and not that different from regular work clothes) so I could easily work in it all day without distraction.

My creative and talented colleague (who also runs Caseybots on Etsy) went a...different route with her DIY costume, creating her own monster head; she did NOT wear it all day.

The bulk of the work went into embroidering a version of one of the book's famous illustrations onto a plain white t-shirt:

...and finding a stuffed pig (Wilbur) and rat (Templeton). Have you noticed there are very few places that sell a variety of stuffed animals anymore? And that nearly everything looks like a variation on a teddy bear? At least the little cutie I managed to find has more pig-like features. Oh course, if you're searching for Olivia or Otis, you'll have no trouble.

A half-circle skirt with thin ruffles in a wave pattern encircling it and fishnet hosiery contributed to the "web idea" of the costume. A faux spider hot glued to a pin back transformed into the talented arachnid herself.

For the most part, people knew what I was and got a kick out of the costume and the bit of craftiness that went into it.

I love the fundamental message of "Charlotte's Web" (or at least the one that I take away from it) about all life being unique and precious...even if it is just a value to the smallest creature. Also, I like the idea that compassion and words shared and/or put into action can make a difference and that friendship is a gift with no strings attached (pun intended).

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  1. Would you share how you embroidered the web onto the shirt? My daughter would like to be Charlotte this Halloween!