Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crafting a New Year's Resolution

Eat. Breathe. Move. Create. Give. Grow. Be.
Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces
Eat. Breathe. Move. Create. Give. Grow. Be. by LeighAnneD 

This is a visual representation of my goals and intentions for the coming year crafted as a submission to the "What's Your New Year's Resolution?" contest on Polyvore.

Like so many, my resolutions focus largely on health and wellness. Wellness that includes not just body but mind and spirit.  

In addition to eating fresh foods, drinking more water and getting back to regular workouts, my goals for the year include growing some of our own food for the health of our bodies and our budget and eating more vegan foods. Spending more time outdoors as well as slowing down--taking time to breathe, meditate and create art in a variety of mediums--top my list of positive intentions for 2011.

Starting a new job in the new year will help me restore balance to my life, support these goals and give me more time for family, friends, creative exploration and supporting causes I believe in such as helping animals and the environment. I hope to spend more time knitting, crocheting, doing embroidery, writing, drawing and shooting photos in the coming year.

Finally, I've included the Bing Crosby song "Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep," which was featured in 1954 holiday film "White Christmas" as a reminder to be grateful every day blessings big and small in the new year.

The following are included in my visual resolution display to present my goals for 2011:
What are some of your goals -- creative, crafty and otherwise? 

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